Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wheel of Life

Broken Flower went to visit the wise crone, known as Grey Mare, to ask for guidance on how to mend her heart after the death of Mighty Oak her beloved mate. Grey Mare said “You must call upon your sacred animal guides and ask them how you should prepare to visit Spiderwoman the life weaver. If Spiderwoman feels you are ready she will spin you a web on her Wheel of Karma.”
“But what if she says I am not ready?” Broken Flower began to feel the tears leeching from her eyes.
“Never fear, little one, you are a good pupil and your guides will show you the way,” Grey Mare turned and walked slowly away.
First Broken Flower called on Boar who told her a secret about herself and asked her to go into the forest and write a song for him. This she did with great delight. Next she called Hawk who gave her a pouch and asked her to gather shells from the sea and bring them to him when the new day dawned. This was harder for Broken Flower since she had to stoop many times to find the perfect shells that she thought would please Hawk. Then she went to Eagle who picked her up in his talons and brought her up as close to the sun as he could without getting burned by its heat. He then taught her the art of plunging, at just the right moment, into the lake of the heart. Finally she called upon Otter, who flipped his tail at her and told her to join him in the river where he would teach her how to play and how to catch the salmon, the biggest prize the river has to offer.
Broken Flower finally felt prepared for her visit to Spider Woman, who welcomed her with a smile. Spiderwoman removed the web she had just finished spinning and attached it to Broken Flowers head. “Go my child. You now have all you need to be who you are.”

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